Creating Vintage Columns for Type Curve Groups

Periodically at the office we have bouts where we compete to see who can run through our homebrew decline curve analysis challenge the fastest. Today’s challenge was that we needed to create type curve groups based on vintage classes.

To begin with, we needed to take the [Spud Date] and then create binned groups. The custom expression that you want to use is this:

The idea here is that first, we extract the year from the DateTime object that is the Spud Date column. Next, we use the BinByEvenIntervals calculated expression to take that pseudo column and break it into five even interval, in this case parameterized by 5.

Now we can color by the vintage classes and see the results:

Using this binned column, we can set the DCA Wrangler to use this column as a Type Curve Group. When the DCA Wrangler is in the Type Curve mode, you can create individual type curves for each vintage:

Using the legend, we can isolate a single vintage:

Try it for yourself! Let us know if you have similar techniques using the tool so we can showcase your work.

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