Grooming your Data for the DCA Wrangler

One of the first skills that you develop in Spotfire is the ability to select a freeform area of markers in a visualization. You may remember that this was accomplished by holding down and left click and drag to “lasso” markers. In this article, we’re going to use this technique to rapid wrangle the data we need, as a stand-in

Part 1: Well Selection

In the CI Bandit workflow, this is key for select wells to decline, more so because wells of interest are never in a straight line on a Map chart visualization. Take this field map, for example, that for simplicity we have created using a scatter plot visualization:

Our operators here are all over the place and to make type curves we’ll need a special selection method to grab them. In comes the lasso:

We’ll use this again to clean up our production.

Part 2: Production

The real magic comes from being able to clean up points that adversely affect our type curves. Take the decline of the well below:

We’ve got these drops that we want to remove from this well (and probably many more). One quick way to do this would be to line all the wells up horizontally and filter out these markers.

Check to make sure that your DCA Wrangler is attached to a Filtering Scheme (it’s in your Properties) and rerun the decline.

Finished! Cycle through all the wells and see the corrected declines.


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