Announcements and Changes to Datafuel in 2018

Happy New Year!

In this blog post I’ll be going over a few changes to Datafuel in 2018. Normally I publish Spotfire how-to articles, but for this I’ll briefly deviate from the standard format to share some exciting news about Datafuel, and mention a few changes taking place this year.

Just a few weeks ago, Datafuel Resources LLC was acquired by Ruths Analytics and Innovation LLC ( is a leading provider of modular analytics and data science tools. They have been adding tremendous value to the oil and gas over the past several years, focusing on Spotfire extensions (custom visualizations, calculators and data loaders) templates, and training, backed by a team of data science experts and software developers.

I have joined the team over at as the Director of Analytics and am excited to be a part of this innovative and growing company. We’re doing some really cool things with analytics and big data in the oil and gas industry and have some exciting things planned for 2018, so be sure to stay connected!

What’s Changing?

Okay, so at this point you may be thinking, “How does the acquisition affect the Datafuel website and services?” The short answer is that most people probably won’t notice much change at all. The bottom line is that is now the owner of this website and all associated Spotfire training and templates, but we will continue to run the blog since it has a great following and provides value to many people. Now let’s dive into the details…

The Blog

As far as this blog is concerned, not much is changing. The blog will stay online, and I’ll continue to post relevant Spotfire articles. Along with my posts, you’ll start to see some additional authors (my new colleagues at publish articles using their deep Spotfire & analytics expertise. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for this blog, feel free to email us at Another great resource for all things Spotfire, data science, and analytics is, so be sure to check out that page too.

Online Training

Over the past few years, I’ve published several online video-based Spotfire training courses. These courses have been highly reviewed by those in the oil and gas industry because of their comprehensiveness and focus on using domain-specific examples and data. These courses are now part of extensive online training offering and will moved from this website to theirs.

For more info, visit: From there you can register your organization and receive login credentials to access the training portal. To give you an idea of what that looks like, here’s a screenshot from the training portal:

RAI Training

If you have purchased an online course, fear not, you will still have access to these! The website hosting the training may change in the future, but the content will stay the same. If anything changes regarding how you access the training, I’ll be sure to notify you via email with the specific details.


In 2017, you may have noticed a new page on this website offering Spotfire templates. Spotfire templates are pre-made analytic solutions that you plug your data into to save time and leverage pre-built workflows. Datafuel’s templates are now a part of the vast library of analytics. This library contains over 300 (yes, 300+!!) Spotfire, Tableau, and Power BI templates, covering a variety of topics from different industries and disciplines, and it’s growing every day. For more info and to browse the collection, visit:

Instructor-led Training and Consulting

Now that I’ve joined, I’ll no longer be offering instructor-led training and consulting services through the Datafuel brand. However, has a team of Spotfire experts with strong analytical and data science skills, and we’re helping customers everyday solve problems and leverage software solutions to add value to their organizations. We’d love to help tackle the challenges specific to your organization. If you’d like to learn more about instructor-led training and expert hours, just email:

Stay Connected

Okay, so that pretty much covers all the changes! I’ll wrap this up by providing a few resources where you can learn more and stay connected:

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