How to use Property Controls in Spotfire to Switch between 2 Date Columns on the X Axis

In time-series and trend analysis, it’s common to use dates on the X axis of a chart to show trends over a particular time period. Sometimes it’s useful to show absolute dates (e.g. Month and Year), and other times it’s desired to plot over a normalized scale (e.g. all data points starting at time = 0), as shown in the 2 charts below.

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If you’re not sure how to normalize dates, check out this training: Forecasting Data with Spotfire. Part of that training covers how to normalize the time scale.

In previous blog posts, I’ve shown how to use a drop down to control a chart axishow to use property controls to control a chart axis and also how to color a data series using a property control. But what if your data table has multiple date scales and you need to quickly switch between them on the X axis of a chart? This is a little trickier because there are a few extra steps required.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to use property controls to quickly flip between 2 time scales using a drop down list, and then apply that property control to multiple charts that can be changed simultaneously.

If the embedded player above isn’t working, this video is also on YouTube:

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I hope this has been a helpful demonstration of property controls with multiple date scales in Spotfire. If you have any questions or comments, or if there’s something you’d like featured on this blog, feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.

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